Windstorm Leaves Puget Sound Residents Without Power

Windstorm Leaves Puget Sound Residents Without Power

Last week, a powerful windstorm hit the Pacific Northwest, with gusts between 50-70 MPH and inches of rain and ensuing mudslides wreaking havoc on roads, property and power systems.  As the saturated ground loosened tree roots, extreme winds blew vulnerable trees and branches onto power lines all through the region and left an estimated 430,000 residents in Washington and Oregon without power for up to 72 hours.

January’s windstorm matched the fury of the Northwest Windstorm of 2015 which caused week long outages in some areas. The 2015 storm was considered to be a “once in a hundred years” windstorm, but many experts warn that unchecked climate change is likely to cause an ever-increasing frequency of dramatic weather events like last week’s windstorm. 

The power outages caused schools and virtual school sessions to be cancelled, left many residents without heat and water and unable to work from home, and forced hospitals and essential services to turn to backup gas-generator systems. 

Solar and Battery Backup helps keep the power on!

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