Solar Panel Installation - The Path to Energy Independence

Solar Panel Installation - The Path to Energy Independence

Every year, the U.S. government spends billions of dollars on energy. This includes energy-related infrastructure, energy-related security spending, energy procured for government activities, and reducing emissions. The country still relies on the global energy market which makes the economy vulnerable to even the smallest price fluctuations. Solar power is identified by the federal government as one of the best solutions to gain energy independence.

Did you know that the sun delivers more energy in one day than the world uses in one year? America now has the technology required to effectively harness the sun’s energy. In time, solar power alone can provide all of the energy we consume—even more than what we need. Here’s how solar can reduce the country’s reliance on the global energy market:

Less Dependence on Foreign Oil

The country spends billions of dollars per year on oil imports. We rely on nations like Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran. It’s not just a matter of spending money, but risking our security as well. When more solar power systems are installed, it can lead to fewer imports and expenses. Solar can help America break itself from its reliance on foreign oil.

Solar Boosts the Economy

Apart from decreasing the country’s energy-related expenditures, the solar industry is also a fast-growing job generator. It employed about 370,000 workers in 2016 and is projected to create 202,000 more jobs by 2025. In fact, more people are now working in the solar industry than in gas, coal and oil power plants combined.

There is still a long way to go to achieve a large scale solar power plant that can provide electricity to majority of Americans. The government has to take into account the land, the cost of the initial capital investment, and the price per kilowatt-hour. But unlike coal, oil and natural gas, solar energy is not vulnerable to fluctuating markets. By investing in solar power, we are taking advantage of a renewable and abundant resource—the sun. This can bring the United States one step closer to energy independence.