Your Solar Journey

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Sun Analysis

We will pull up satellite imagery of your home to evaluate your roof to determine what size solar package is the best fit for your home.

Climate Accurate: We use the past 10 years of data from the local airports to predict the solar patterns for your home.

Transparency: Our analysis speaks for itself. You'll have a clear picture into whether or not solar is right for your home.

100% Personalized: No two systems are alike. Every system is professionally curated by our array team to ensure the perfect system for your home.


We will create a proposal for your home solar package, and our Home Solar Consultants will walk you through every detail. Once we receive your approval, we will schedule our installer to come to your home to verify all details of the project.

True-Cost: The proposal contains a break-down of the incentives you qualify for and how much your investment will be.

No "Sales": Our consultants are trained solar professionals, not sales people. We take you through the process to ensure it's a smart decision for your home.


One of our certified professionals will come out to your property to ensure everything is 100% as expected and to answer any questions you may have.

Certified Professionals: Our team is made up of certified professionals and master electricians. You're in great hands with us :)

Easy Communication: Want to make sure everything is as you envision? Not a problem! This is the best time to ask all of your burning questions. We can't wait to answer them.

Done-For-You Permitting: There are a number of permits (electrical, fire, building) required for your system. But we handle everything 100%.


Solar panel installation typically takes 1-5 days depending on the size of the solar system. After the panels have been installed, we will send a certified, Master Electrician to connect your panels to your home and the utility grid.

No Hidden Costs: The price of the system includes all installation fees. You can rest easy knowing the number you get from day 1 won't change.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We'll make sure the system is exactly how you want it. No protruding wires, only clean, beautiful installs.


Cities require multiple inspections on home solar power. At a minimum there will be one inspection to approve the electrical work and one to approve the panels were installed correctly to qualify for the rebate.

Generate Clean Energy: Once your system is turned on you will start producing clean energy from your panels.

Continued Support: Our team doesn't stop working for you once the system is powered on. We're standing by to assist you with any questions you may have after the system is operating.

All our systems are covered by a 10-year workmanship warranty. Our panels and inverters are covered by a 25-year product warranty.


Your system is installed, energized, and ready for action! The entire process involved little effort on your part but the outcome is outstanding.

Gain Control of Your Power: You are now responsible for producing clean energy that powers your home!

Reduce Environmental Footprint: With solar you will see your energy bill and your emissions go WAY down. You’ll be astonished at the improvement in your life.

Your Solar Journey

The time is NOW for a solar-powered revolution to combat climate change! Join us!
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