Solar With A Mission

When you upgrade your home to solar, we donate to Barefoot College's Solar Mamas training program.

Our Purpose

At Sun Path, we believe in the higher mission of environmental responsibility, and are active locally in climate education, advocating for smart climate policy, including solar. We believe in solar community outreach and are always looking for different ways to give back to the broader community through solar donations and empowerment opportunities.

Making a solar upgrade to your home will lower your carbon footprint and reduce your electric bills, but we also want you to feel good about making the decision to go solar. That’s why, for every solar panel system Sun Path installs, we make a donation to the International Solar Training Program’s “Solar Mamas” program.

What Is the Solar Mamas Program?

The International Solar Training Program is a collaborative effort between Barefoot College, the ITEC (Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation), and the respective governments and NGOs (Ground Partners) of participating countries in Africa, Asia, America, and the Pacific Islands.

Empowering Women With Solar Power

The program trains women in rural areas from around the world to become solar engineers. These women, known as “Solar Mamas,” design, install, and maintain solar systems that provide light and electricity to their homes and villages. To date there are more than 2,200 Solar Mamas around the world!

Solar Mamas' Impact

The Barefoot College program has been running for more than 15 years, and women from 93 countries, including India, Latin America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, have installed solar energy systems for more than 1,000,000 villagers around the world.

The Power of Solar Giving with Sun Path

At Sun Path Electric, we’re invested in bringing solar and clean energy into homes throughout the greater Seattle area, as well as to millions of people around the world. When you work with our small family-run team of solar experts, you’re working with people who believe in the broader mission of access to electricity and renewable, environmentally-friendly energy sources.

Join our solar community outreach initiatives—we’ll make a solar donation when you upgrade your home! Call 206-792-7234 or contact us today to learn more.