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When you install solar panels with Sun Path Electric we make a $100 donation to our climate partner - Climate Action Families.

"The greatest danger to our future is apathy." Jane Goodall

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"I have wanted to install solar panels for years, but honestly the process seemed overwhelming. Sun Path Electric made the process easy and seamless. They were very responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and overall the best to work with!" — Erin Wilson

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We’ve hand-selected some of our favorite solar stories—just for you.

Solar Power - Increases Home Value

Solar Power - Increases Home Value

Solar in Seattle has many benefits. Your home uses less energy from the utility because you are replacing that energy with solar energy. This saves money on your energy bill and protects our environment by reducing the home’s carbon footprint. All this good stuff has led many Seattle area home owners to invest in solar. But, what many people have not yet caught on to is that solar panels also increase the value of your home.

Residential Solar Energy—How It Works

Residential Solar Energy—How It Works

Solar electricity is the world’s fastest-growing energy source. More and more homes around the planet are adding solar panels to their rooftops. Let's take a closer look into how the residential solar process works.


Conserve Energy - Reduce Climate Impact

Conserve Energy - Reduce Climate Impact

Climate. Change. It is a huge issue for us to get our minds around. We know that changes need to be made on both the corporate and personal scales. Many of us feel overwhelmed. Where do we start and what makes a difference? We’ve compiled our top 10 tips on how we can reduce climate impact at home.