Jobs Grow in Solar, Not Coal

Jobs Grow in Solar, Not Coal

The environmental benefits of going solar are quickly becoming common knowledge. Some state’s financial incentives are allowing more and more homeowners to take advantage of the Sun’s power! Now, let’s take a look at solar energy’s positive impact on our economy.

Job Generator:

According to a new report from the U.S. Department of Energy, the solar industry employed about 370,000 workers in 2016, which is 43 percent of the Electric Power Generation workforce. It is projected that 202,000 more jobs will be created by the year 2025.

Higher Wages:

A solar installer is actually the fastest-growing job to date. It offers a median annual salary of almost $40k. Many solar installers are small, locally owned businesses that bring more money into local economies. Solar panel production also uses indigenous resources so most of the energy dollars can be kept at home.

Stable Prices:

Because solar power is a renewable resource, it can stabilize the prices of petrol and diesel in the future. Climate change has made intense storms, droughts and other disruptive events happen more often. Thankfully, solar energy is fool-proof against natural calamities. It is considered a more resilient option than natural gas and coal.

Combining technological advancements with great government incentives, almost anyone can take advantage of solar power. And with more consumers choosing solar, the industry is developing faster than ever. This is great news for both the environment and the economy.