Join Sun Path Electric & donate to COVID Relief in India

Join Sun Path Electric & donate to COVID Relief in India

India is currently in the grips of a devastating second wave of COVID-19 and help is urgently needed. The rising death rate and lack of resources have already led the healthcare and post-mortem systems in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities in India to the edge of collapse.

Sun Path recently made a $1000 donation to Barefoot College and their Covid relief efforts. We ask out clients to consider joining us and supporting our partner the Barefoot College.

Sun Path's philanthropic solar partner Barefoot College is working alongside other organizations to stop this situation from spreading to rural communities before it's too late, and have personally lost three incredible women who trained with Barefoot College.

Barefoot College has identified a network of ground partners in India through which, with the support of donors, they can address the following areas:

1. Dissemination of COVID Awareness and Vaccination awareness

Public awareness in India about the severity of COVID and the importance of mask behavior and avoiding crowds remain severely low. This, combined with widespread skepticism of vaccinations, is leading to even greater community transmission.

Barefoot College has already begun to leverage their experience during the first wave, and are working to produce and disseminate customized COVID awareness information for rural audiences focusing on safety information about mask-wearing and gatherings, sanitary protocols and sanitation awareness. The aim is to disseminate this information to 100,000 individuals over the next 3 months through voice messages, SMS and Whatsapp.

2. District Level Information Management

For communities and their sick, information has been extremely difficult to find. Where are the vaccine and medicines available? Where is testing available? Where are there vacant beds, available oxygen or health clinics?

Barefoot College plans to compile this information in real-time and make it accessible through an online portal and manual helpline in 8 languages. This will strengthen the local governance and healthcare systems which are falling apart under the pressure of millions who need support urgently. 

3. Village Cluster level preparedness and support

To significantly reduce the movement of those infected with COVID-19 to their local primary health centers, Barefoot College has identified an opportunity to leverage their existing village network.

With funding, a task force can train lead beneficiaries in each one of these villages to measure the temperature and oxygen levels for local people with an oximeter and thermometer, as well as facilitating online doctor consultations, while maintaining the necessary safety protocol. This will reduce the need for the sick to travel, reducing the spread and lessening the strain on local rural healthcare facilities.

Barefoot College is aiming to urgently raise $300,000 to continue implementing this COVID community response plan. Work has already begun, but without funding, they won't reach the next phase of their community action plan.


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Sun Path has donated $1000 to Barefoot College for COVID relief, and we ask that you please consider donating directly today, using the link above. Every donation makes a difference to rural communities in the face of this horrific second wave. COVID and all of its variants know no national boundaries, and providing relief to India during this challenging time will additionally benefit the US and the entire world.