Solar Mamas, our Featured Non-Profit, is Doing Great Things!

Solar Mamas, our Featured Non-Profit, is Doing Great Things!

We make a donation from each installation to the Solar Mamas program that supports women rural women around the world installing solar in their communities. 

The International Solar Training Program is a collaborative effort between Barefoot College, the ITEC (Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation), and the respective governments and NGOs (Ground Partners) of participating countries in Africa, Asia, America, and the Pacific Islands.

We are so excited to be able to support this impactful work through our residential solar installations. Here are some exciting statistics about what the Solar Mamas program has accomplished this last year! The results below come from a survey conducted after three women were able to install 220 solar home-lighting systems in the remote Humla region of Nepal. It is amazing what these Mamas are doing to strengthen their communities and heal our planet. We are humbled by their drive and ingenuity.

woman prepping panel

Solar Mama Engineer installing solar panels
Barefoot College Solar Mama with installed rooftop solar panel