How to Optimize Your Solar Energy Use

How to Optimize Your Solar Energy Use

Are you the proud owner of a solar system? If so, you’re probably feeling pretty great about turning your energy supply green, while also having a little more green in your wallet! Nothing quite beats the feeling of saving the planet while also lowering the cost of your utility bill. But there’s a way to even save more— all you have to do is rethink the way you consume electricity at home in order to reap the greatest benefits!

1) Use electricity during the day

A general rule of thumb: electricity used during peak hours or late in the afternoon will be more expensive. Get the most out of your free solar power by running appliances during the day to lighten the load at night. This particularly applies with the dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer. You can also shift charging your phone, pool or pond pumps, toothbrush, and other chargeable devices to daytime.

2) Invest in home batteries

Home batteries allow you to store energy straight from your solar panels for later use. The best way to save using a home battery is through ‘time of use shifting’. The method works by charging the battery with free energy from the sun and using up its power during peak demand hours. It is plugged right into your current electrical system to optimize daily energy use.

3) Switch to an electric mower

Solar electricity yields are highest from spring to autumn. Luckily, it’s also the time of year when your turf needs regular mowing. Instead of using your gas-powered mower, switch to an electric mower to take advantage of your solar system output. Not only you get to cut back on your carbon emissions but also spend less on gasoline.

An electric mower doesn’t mean working through an annoying cord that is attached to a power outlet. You now have the option of using a mower that runs on batteries. During peak sun hours, the batteries can conveniently be charged with the electricity generated by your panels!  

4) Program A/C before sun sets

Running your A/C on solar electricity during the last few hours of daylight lessens the demand on your evening electricity supply—thus giving you significant savings. Using a programmable thermostat, turn on your air conditioner before the day ends so by the time you get home, you’ll arrive to a cool and comfortable space.

5) Bring solar to your garden

Cordless options for gardening power tools are now available in the market. They run on lithium ion batteries which are quieter and free from emissions. Electric hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws are just a few examples. You can charge them using your solar system output to create a well-manicured garden for cheap

We’re not saying you have to discard all of your old appliances if you switch to solar. When the time comes that you have to upgrade, choose an electric model to further enjoy the financial benefits from solar.