Thank You!

One of our solar consultants will be reaching out within the next two business days to determine if you roof is a good candidate for solar.

Before the call, please have ready:

1.) Address of the roof you would like solar on

  - With a quick search of your address, we will be able to access a bird's eye view to determine if your roof is a good candidate for solar. Roofs that have great sun exposure and orientation make going solar a financial no-brainer.

2.) Annual killowatt hour (kWh) usage

- By logging on to where you pay your bills, you can access your usage/bill history in order to find how many killowatt hours (kWh) you have used over the last 12 months. (This is also sometimes found on paper bills, in form of a bar graph). We will need this information to run a proper 12 month sun analysis on your roof and determine the number panels your home will need. If you are having trouble finding this, no worries, we will help you contact your local utility company.

3.) Average Monthly Power Bill

With this, you can see how much money you will be saving by going solar.

We look forward to speaking soon and having you become a member of the Sun Path Electric family!