Heat Pumps

Heat pumps bring clean & efficient heating and cooling to your home.

Heat pumps reduce your carbon footpring and save money as they bring comfort to your home.

  • Clean Air: Keep the air in your home clean, safe and odor free. We offer electrostatic and UV filtration options for all ducted heat pumps.
  • Choice: No matter if you are looking to heat your whole house, or just a single room, heat pumps can really make a difference. We offer both ductless (mini-split) and central ducted options.
  • Solutions for Older Homes: Ductless heat pumps are a great solution for hot/cold spots in your home.

Save money when you combine heat pump installation with solar. We offer $1000 off when both systems are installed. Systems do not need to be installed at the same time. The discount is applied to the second system.