Sun Path Electric Team

Meet the Team

Briggs N., Chief Operating Officer

Hails from: West Seattle, but grew up in Taos, New Mexico

Ask him about: Anything solar related, living off grid, sailing the Puget Sound and permaculture gardening techniques.

Fun Facts: Briggs grew up off grid in Taos, New Mexico, has been installing solar for over 15 years, is an avid sailor
and skier and dreams about rebuilding soil and planting trees on a permaculture farm in a yet-to-be-determined location

Sonja L., Solar Project Manager

Hails from: Seattle, but born in Taipei and raised in Portland, OR

Ask her about: Your solar project’s permitting process, raising climate-conscious kids, and living abroad with her family in Southwest China

Fun facts: Spent time with Tibetan herders on China’s Qinghai Plateau researching the off-grid PV market, worked on the siting of large-scale wind power projects in the NW, and loves classical music and Chinese martial arts

Rebecca S., Solar Consultant

Hails from: Seattle, by way of Fairfax, VA, Portland, OR and Woodinville, WA

Ask her about: Techniques to live a little more lightly from driving electric, energy efficient homes and, of course, solar!

Fun fact: Rebecca has worked locally and nationally on political campaigns and as an advocate for environmental issues ranging from salmon recovery to fuel-efficient cars. She is always game for an outdoor adventure and is a multi-media collage artist

Hoa P., Solar Consultant

Hails from: Kent, but started life in beautiful Vietnam

Ask her about: Viability of solar for your home, current incentives, solar system design & pricing; Gardening, zero waste living, house & sustainability-related projects, karaoke-ing, volunteering as a Seattle Goodwill Ambassador

Fun fact: Hoa is married to Joe, one of our amazing installers, and together they were Sun Path Electric customer #2

Joe P., Solar Installer

Hails from: Kent, but Hawai'i will always be home

Ask him about: Home energy management, electric vehicles, and raising chickens

Fun fact: Joe served in the US Air Force

Bryn B., Solar Installer

Hails from: Seattle, but originally from Bitterroot, MT

Ask him about: Music theory, ropes & knots, baking bread

Fun facts: Worked as a high-rise window cleaner for 7 years in Seattle, plays guitar, violin & cello

Joey M., Solar Installer

Hails from: West Seattle but was born in the San Francisco Bay Area 

Ask him about: What makes a captivating image, analog and digital photography, and backpacking/camping

Fun fact: Raced motocross as young kid and teenager