Climate Action Families is a Washington-based non-profit that is supporting several youth-led climate groups and movements, making sure they have the resources they need to feel empowered to act on the climate, while also creating community and providing resources for families working for their future.


After 7 years of work, we believe youth and family climate empowerment comes from staying true to these 4 pillars : Resilience | Science | Justice | Action

A snapshot of what our youth leaders have accomplished:

• Trained over 600 other youth on the basics of climate change and how to give a presentation about it

• Planted thousands of trees throughout the Seattle region

• Spoken to their schools, institutions of faith, and businesses about climate action

• Testified before Congress (with Greta Thunberg)

• Engaged in a Supreme Court lawsuit (Juliana v. Gov) and several state lawsuits against our Department of Ecology and more

• Worked with advocacy groups and city council to craft local policy

• Spoken out publicly for fair housing, fossil fuel infrastructure restrictions, and defended their city against increased pollution

• Organized and participated in strikes, rallies, and protests


• Update our approach based on the media, cultural trends, and partnering with therapists

• Steward community and encourage friendships among young advocates

• Offer positive framing and perspectives

• Welcome emotions and being our true selves

• Support climate grief resources and projects

• Help youth understand and use their resources

• Guide families into loving, open, strong relationships

• We go on outdoor adventures together

• Weave art, music, games, and joy throughout our work


• Offer an Academy for 8-12 yr olds to learn the basics of climate

• Bring in experts and leaders to educate youth at monthly meetings to cover a wide range of topics

• Connect youth with local learning opportunities


• Center effects on youth, indigenous, and marginalized people in our choice of projects

• Weave justice concepts throughout our work - "Who is affected by this? How?"

• Partner with local justice focused orgs, like Got Green

• Explore (age appropriately) how racism, patriarchy, poor capitalism models, and colonialism created our situation

• Model how a just transition is necessary


• Engage at all levels - personal, professional, and political

• Plant trees and teach about tree-planting

• Participate in campaigns to defend people and the environment

• Join lawsuits against our state and federal government

• Look for opportunities for youth to step into greater roles

• Create large-scale art

• Sing! Busk!

• Get silly and fun with costumes and more!

We understand the climate crisis needs to be viewed as the greatest adventure and biggest opportunity for global unity that we've ever experienced.


Let's play the game, and play it well.